Alumni UX job prep month

After graduation our alumni receive a bonus month of learning to help launch their UX/UI careers.
Join the October 5 Bootcamp

What's included -

Being take care of. After graduation, we’ll help you land a job. Not find - that’s up to you. Land. That means help with your interview prep, test assignments and portfolio bios. Aftercare is not mandatory, yet highly recommended.



Now that you’ve learned all about ux design, it’s your turn. During Aftercare, our team will support you on designing your own portfolio. Be warned. We come with templates.


9 - 5 Support

Practicing designers usually ask themselves lots of questions. With new ones constantly popping up. So whenever you need us - we’re a Slack message away.



Humans are drawn to great stories. To tell yours, find value in your passion and share it with others. Tell stories that start conversations (social media loves that).


Open Events

Continue learning news tips and tricks in our open sessions, workshops and events! As an alumni, we’ll always save you a seat! ;)

Your Aftercare learning programme

Create content for portfolio and Linkedin
week 1

The first week starts with content planning and creation. We focus on improving your Linkedin profile to attract more attention, write your Bio and create a draft for your portfolio.

  • Update your Linkedin profile;
  • Define your professional target audience;
  • Define your value proposition;
  • Draft content for your portfolio homepage;
  • Reflect new skills in your CV.
Create two case studies
week 2

In the second week, you'll focus on the content - showcasing the story behind your designs. You'll decide what to include in your portfolio - designs that best communicate your skills and capabilities.

  • Learn how to structure your designs to impress a potential employer;
  • Create two case studies to illustrate your design thinking process.
Design your portfolio
week 3-4

In the final two weeks, you will create your own portfolio. With this, you'll be totally ready to apply for UI/UX jobs and start a new career.

  • Learn how to use mockups and present your work;
  • Design and build your portfolio;
  • Apply for UX/UI roles.