Hi there.
We’re Idea Partners.

A Riga-based creative agency
We’re a community of designers, advertisers, researchers, lecturers and creative professionals. Our team stands united behind a common vision - bringing our partner ideas to life.

We realise our vision in three ways:

Design Sprints

We help businesses define, build and validate solutions in 4-5 days or less (also remotely).

Design Sprints is where we have fun! We love working with our creative partners and bring their ideas to life! 

Kora's Design Sprint case study:
Saving the World with Design Sprints


The future is already here. It's you.

We love seeing capable individuals realising their true potential.
So we teach. Everything we know and love. Everything we wish we knew when we first started out.

Our first course is UX Design

Your ideas need partners. Idea Partners.